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How to turn an Amazon Echo Show into a custom Guest Portal
Easily and inexpensively create a Guest Portal that will:
  • Help guests get the most out of their vacation
  • Save time by offloading tasks and make life easier for you as a host
  • Earn extra revenue by driving extended stays and rebookings
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echo show guest portal
Sample Interactions referenced in the video:
Additional features and characteristics:
Accessible for all ages. Voice tech is natural - no intimidating technology that doesn’t get used, no learning curve.
Video Example
A child getting ready to play a video game on the couch, asking the virtual concierge what the wifi password is so she can connect her device.
Available 24x7 to guests, reducing off-hours calls to staff and helping with things that guests don’t want to bother you about.
Video Example
A couple on a couch late at night watching TV. They are hungry so they are asking Alexa for the best place to get pizza and the Echo device is responding with the host's custom answer.
Be alerted as soon as housekeeping has finished cleaning.
Video Example
A housekeeper telling Alexa that the house is now clean and ready for the next guest's arrival.
Know immediately as soon as guests have checked out. Your cleaning staff will appreciate it!
Video Example
A busy guest pulling a suitecase and using voice technology to check out of their hotel room hands-free.
Help optimize internal operations by automatically route service requests to cleaners, maintenance or the office – but eliminate the need in many cases.
Video Example
A man at a sink washing dishes, asking Alexa for help because the garbage disposal is broken.
Provide helpful instructions for amenities that save guests time and  eliminate frustration.
Video Example
Two friends on the couch of their vacation rental, asking Alexa as their virtual concierge for recommendations of what to do.
When there is no content to answer a guest’s question, you can get notified. The answer you provide is available the next time a guest asks that question.
Video Example
A vacation rental host sitting on a chair on his dock, getting a notification on his phone from the virtual concierge about a guest's unanswered question for him to respond to in real-time.
You an add content over time. No need to guess what guests may want - reports tell you new things guests are asking about.
Video Example
A young girl with a swimsuit and water toy asking Alexa where the lifejackets are stored.
This is technology that improves personal connection with guests, but in a way that scales with your business.
Video Example
A couple arriving at a tech-forward vacation rental property that includes a virtual concierge, excited for their upcoming vacation.
Give guests more reasons to come back - digital coupons are delivered to guest’s phone, adding to the value of their stay.
Video Example
A dad and his daughter sitting at a table asking Alexa as their virtual concierge for a good kid-friendly restaurant nearby.
Alert guests to special offers or events, or simple things like what to do on garbage day.
Video Example
Two woman walking by an Amazon Echo that is pusling yellow, indicating that they have a notification waiting for them from their virtual concierge.
In-the-moment, real-time answers that your guests will appreciate and highlight in their post-stay reviews.
Video Example
A man on the deck of a vacation rental with the BBQ grill, asking Alexa for help locating the propane tank.