AIPEX Virtual Concierge is game-changing AI for Hotels & Resorts

An icon representing a voice content management system.

The patented AIPEX multi-tier content management system scales for large deployments
An icon representing integrations that can be done with AIPEX and Property Management Systems.

PMS integration is available as part of a deployment
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AIPEX works closely with Amazon's Alexa Smart Properties team and Xplorie to ensure your successful deployment
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Provide your guests BOTH in-property device experiences and access via mobile devices
An icon representing the increase in revenue associated with upsell of property amenities.

Increase sales of on-premises amenities and activities
An icon representing smart home devices that can be controlled through voice technology.

Control lights, thermostat, window coverings and more with our IOT integration hub

Our partnership with Xplorie makes it easy for you to get started with AI guest engagement.

The joint solution includes the full AIPEX Conversational AI stack plus a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will:
Build a complete set of curated content of your local area, incorporating your staff's recommendations.
Collect and implement property-specific content for your hotel or resort.
Monitor usage and topics that guests are asking for, updating and adding new content on an on-going basis.
Provide personalized training on use of the platform – both at initial launch and on an on-going basis.
Be available for questions and to assist with the resolution of any issues.
Assist with the implementation of new features as they become available.
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