AIPEX is First to Provide Support for Automatically Organized Content

August 20, 2023

With an AI guest engagement solution from AIPEX, guests can ask a question about any topic at any time. Sometimes though, they don’t know what information is available, and could use some ideas of things to ask about. Ideally, a menu is available to them. AIPEX is pleased to share that hosts now have the option to have their content automatically organized, and presented as a menu. This is a unique capability in the industry.

Since each property is unique, the questions that guests may ask are different. That means each menu must be different as well. With about 900 topics that the Virtual Concierge can answer questions about, it is challenging to get content automatically organized uniquely for each host and property. The AIPEX team has solved the technical challenges and made it easier than ever for hosts to provide a valuable AI concierge for their guests.
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