AIPEX Virtual Concierge is the standard for Conversational AI in vacation rentals

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All Alexa Smart Properties Echo devices in vacation rentals are deployed via AIPEX.
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Quick and easy to get started - in minutes you’ll hear the Virtual Concierge responding with your own custom answers.
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AIPEX is Amazon’s largest provider of Alexa Smart Properties solutions.
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Provide your guests rich voice and ChatGPT-like functionality with a deep feature set.

Guest Reviews mentioning AIPEX Virtual Concierge:

“This property is first class… the best rental we’ve had in all our years visiting the Smoky Mountains. Oh, before I forget, this house has an amazing Amazon Echo. Not like the one I have at my house. This one tells you everything specific to the house and the rental company and free attractions. … it knows the wifi codes, check-out information, it is like having the reservation agent at standby in the house to answer all the questions. That is first-class technology. ”
“We really like the ease of use to request a reservation and we enjoy asking Alexa random questions. It is a lot of fun to play with it and very informative at the same time.”
“Everything was lovely. Alexa was awesome because she answered every question we had.”
Two young women that are property managers with a whiteboard planning to add more vacation rentals. They convey confidence in making the right choices about technology and leveraging modern tools to grow their business.

Hosts talking about AIPEX Virtual Concierge

"The customization option is fantastic and I personalize it for every guest in the welcome prompt with Alexa saying their names etc. (People love hearing their names) and it's totally enhanced their experience at my apartment. Thanks again." –Kathleen
"We often have 15-20 people staying in our VR homes during Coachella. We send out info prior to guest's arrival, but only 1 person gets the email. The virtual concierge answers questions so our staff doesn't have to." -C
"Easy to customize and great value add amenity for guests and owners seeking to add a smart home amenity to their rental property." –J
"In the last couple of days we’ve already received 2 guest reviews through VC, and we haven’t received any for the last 2 weeks on VRBO or Airbnb." -ML
"Incredible job! I've only just begun to play with it and I really like what you've done here. I see a lot of value in it." –BC
"I was so tickled to get the text when my guests checked out using their voice and I was able to send in the cleaners early." -SK
"I've only heard about you guys two days ago and am already a huge fan. I'm also in the tech industry and can appreciate what your company has accomplished." -MB
"Awesome! We trained her with local information, building rules, check in and check out procedures, local history and restaurant recommendations. It's has a huge impact on our clients between 30-45 years of age." –Alex
"...this is an awesome product - genius, I just found this and it’s amazing, is this possible in other languages?" -EV
"Let me start by saying I absolutely love your service. I am new to it but I’m learning fast." -FA
"The supporting team was quick and fixed my technical problems in no time. The solution works like a charm." -YW
"Excellent customer service! The support I have received from the team at AIPEX has been exceptional. Even before purchasing any credits, they provided timely onboarding assistance and responses to all my questions." - JR

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AIPEX Virtual Concierge is available 2 ways:

For individual hosts and smaller STR operators

Available as a self-service solution for individual owners of vacation rental properties or smaller short-term rental property managers. (Reference our FAQ for more information).

For larger professional PMCs

Available as a turnkey solution. This includes content curation as well as ongoing dedicated support.

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