AIPEX Virtual Concierge Subscriptions


Free accounts allow guests to access the virtual concierge on mobile devices. Upgrade to a subscription to also add in-property Alexa devices and additional features  We appreciate your support!

A Subscription adds 'credits' to your account. 1 credit is used per day for each property you have. It provides full access to all features, unlimited use of the Virtual Concierge on guest's phones, and also on 1 Amazon Echo device in that property.


The cost of our service is nominal. The base price for a credit is .49 USD, with quantity discounts of up to 33%, or $9.85 USD per month. You can provide this service to guests for a 3-night stay for less than $1 USD.

Using more than 1 Echo device per property:

You may add additional Echo devices to a property if you wish. 1 additional credit per added device will be consumed per day. So for example if you have a property with 2 active devices, then 2 credits will be used per day for that property.

How to save even more:

In the AIPEX portal, you can activate or deactivate the Virtual Concierge service at your properties. When the service is disabled, no credits are consumed. Using credits allows us to offer hosts the ability to only pay for the service when you are using it. Most subscription models charge you by the month, whether there are guests in your property or not. Instead, with AIPEX self-service, you can disable your properties in the off-season and be charged nothing.
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