AI beyond ChatGPT

Tailored recomendations from you, not the internet.

I'm in the mood for pizza.
Hometown Pizza in Oroville has great pizza and a fresh salad bar. Tell them you are staying at Lakeside Lodge and get free breadsticks!

Offload repetitive questions that you would normally have to handle. 900 topics are available that can be answered by your curated content.

Resort or Community FAQ's
What are the hours for the pool?
How do we turn on the lights for tennis?
Property Related FAQ's
Where can I find spare Blankets?
What do I do with the trash?
Regional FAQ's
What are some good family activities nearby?
Where can I find some good Mexican food?

Say goodbye to unnatural voice interfaces. Guests can ask their question directly. Your custom content is what they will hear in response.

With other systems, an 'invocation phrase' is required:
Hey <XYZ>, talk to my hotel.
Then they can ask a question, like:
What's the wifi password?
With AIPEX, guests can just ask:
Alexa, what's the wifi password?

Guests can leave a review just by speaking - an industry first.

A conversation between a group of people asking Alexa what they should do today, and Alexa responding with a custom answer from the host of their vacation rental property.

Personalized interactions based on your reservation calendar

Voice control of the temperature, lighting, TV and more is available.

A young woman speaking to Amazon Alexa in order to control the smart home features of her hotel or vacation rental.

Get valuable insights into what your guests care about.

Please note: Not all capabilities are available globally. Some features described above are only available in the US, UK and Canada.
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