This is not retail Alexa. AIPEX is purpose-built for hospitality.

Wondering about the difference between AIPEX and the experience you get with a normal retail Alexa device?
Here is what is common:
Standard Hardware
Massive-scale Knowledge
Standard Amazon Echo hardware - a critical component to keep costs low. Available in a variety of sizes.
All of Alexa's vast general-purpose-knowledge and baseline capabilities like music, trivia, and timers.
Here is what is not available with a retail Alexa device, but is with AIPEX:
Privacy Built-in
A unique onboarding system
Guest utterances are not available in the Alexa app unlike retail Alexa devices. In fact, they are purged entirely and not stored in the cloud.
Individual Amazon accounts are not needed for each property. Set up devices with one account, but each device can deliver unique content.
Centralized Management
Unified Status Monitoring
Equip Alexa to deliver your own curated content and recommendations for guests.
View individual Echo device status at a glance across an entire fleet.
Role-based Privileges
Rich Reporting & Analytics
Assign system permissions to your staff based on their role.
Monitor system usage via consolidated reports.
No Hassle Devices
Guest Communications
Unlike normal Amazon Echos, guests cannot reset or change the configuration of AIPEX-powered devices.
Use our portal to send real-time notifications and announcements to guests, or schedule them for future delivery.

An animated image showing how data is not stored in the cloud.
No voice recordings are stored in the cloud. That isn't available with off-the-shelf Echo devices.
A chatbot icon.