Getting started with Amazon devices outside the US, UK and Canada

  1. Get an Echo device from Amazon
    • We recommend setting up a separate Amazon account for your vacation rental. For details of why and a trick to do it easily, please see this resource.
    • Follow the normal setup instructions to get it online at your vacation rental. If you are in Ireland, Australia, NZ or India the Virtual Concierge is available as a skill in those respective locations. If you are outside of those countries, the Virtual Concierge is available in English, and your Echo needs to be setup as a US-based device.
  2. Enable the 'Virtual Concierge Service' skill.
    • Log in to the Alexa app on your phone with the same Amazon account you created for your vacation rental.
    • Under 'Skills', search for 'Virtual Concierge Service'. Click 'Enable', and allow permissions for Alexa notifications. If prompted to log in again, use that same Amazon account.
  3. Provide your customized answers
    • Go to our Management Portal.
    • Sign up, and then click Add Property. From there, login with the Amazon account you created for your vacation rental. Then just follow the steps to get started, and provide curated answers that Alexa will share in response to your guest's questions.
  4. Say “Alexa, use the concierge service”. You’ll then hear a custom welcome message and be able to ask questions to get your curated answers in response.
Click here to download the Installation & Best Practices Guide
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