AIPEX Virtual Concierge for
Vacation Rentals, Airbnbs and Hotels

Conversational AI to delight guests and drive efficiency

Available both on your guest’s phone, and as a variety of in-property devices with voice control

The AIPEX Virtual Concierge is a next-generation guest engagement platform built on AI. Now guests can get all their questions answered by just asking - and that is just the start. Explore to learn how easy it is to leverage AI to delight guests and grow your business.

Guest comments from properties with the Virtual Concierge:

“I thought it extremely neat that Alexa was able to help us instead of having to make calls.”
“We enjoyed the cabin – it was very modern and clean, and we enjoyed the easy checkout using Alexa.”
“We love the location, it's our 2nd time staying. I really enjoyed having the Alexa service there. That was a nice upgrade.”
“We really enjoyed staying here. The Alexa virtual concierge was really nice touch, we like that a lot. We will be back!”
“The women's conference was awesome and this special Alexa device is super cool!”
"Really enjoyed this Airbnb-very easy check in and check out process. The cabin was very fitting for a family and Alexa was helpful for planning activities."
“The property was absolutely beyond our expectations, the location was central to the shopping, as well as to the resort. We enjoyed having the use of Alexa and the ability to have any needs or concerns addressed immediately.”
“It’s a great location, convenient to beach. The Alexa feature was really awesome. Thanks and we are looking forward to our next time down here!”
“Excellent stay 5 stars. It was very convenient to the beach. Alexa was an added treat with all of the information that was provided.”
"All the amenities of this vacation rental were wonderful. We greatly enjoyed the cabin. Alexa was very helpful with questions!"
"The vacation rental was great. Love the kitchen. Alexa was used a lot with the music playing and all the information. Hopefully we'll be staying in the same house in 3 months."
"We enjoyed our time. Beautiful Airbnb cabin. Alexa was very helpful. We'll see you next year.”
“Everything was perfect! This home is beautiful, and Alexa was a big help!”
“We absolutely love the cabin. We love everything about it. I think our favorite part for my little boy was the pool table. We loved having the Alexa service. Thank you so much.”
“It was nice having the Alexa in the house to play music and answer questions. We really enjoyed it.”
“The checkout process was super easy, Alexa was very helpful.”
“We really loved the place, great amenities like the showers and the pool. We also really loved Alexa, she was very helpful with information.”
“The cabin was beautiful. Alexa was very helpful and we enjoyed our stay immensely.”
“Condo was incredible, the staff was amazing and Alexa was great too.”
“Alexa was very helpful with checking out, making it very easy.”
“I just want to say thank you for an absolutely wonderful trip. Your condominium was fantastic. The views are breathtaking. Alexa is awesome! We absolutely will look to book with you again and will recommend you to others.”
"Great vacation rental - Alexa checkouts! I would recommend."
“Everything was beautiful and we will definitely visit again. Alexa was very helpful. 5 stars!”
“We enjoyed our stay very much. A very nice, clean cabin, and having Alexa was wonderful. We would stay here again in a minute.“
“I love checking out with Alexa. Everything was fabulous - the hot tub is awesome, pool table was great, everything was clean. Wonderful, 5 star rating.”
“This was an amazing stay, our family enjoyed it. It was very clean, and fantastic location. Alexa was very helpful all around. We will stay here again.”
“We really would never want to stay anywhere else. And Alexa does a wonderful job. We really appreciate her. Had a wonderful, wonderful time.”
“We liked the location very much, the property was clean and Alexa was helpful when needed so we loved it. Thank you.”

AIPEX Virtual Concierge Features & Benefits

An icon representing the reduction of operating expenses and saving money.

No custom hardware -- available on guest's phones and industry standard Amazon Echo devices
An icon representing Natural Language Understanding, or NLU.

Advanced Conversational AI, supporting millions of possible guest interactions
An icon representing patents that have been awarded to AIPEX.

Patented voice content management provides flexibility and scale
An icon representing the protection of privacy.

Special provisions are in place to ensure privacy and data security

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