AIPEX Virtual Concierge

delight guests, drive efficiency
how it works
A room with a bed and a desk, with an Amazon Alexa device ready to act as a virtual concierge the hotel or vacation rental property.

Guest comments from properties with the Virtual Concierge:

"Really enjoyed the cabin -very easy check in and check out process. The cabin was very fitting for a family and Alexa was helpful for planning activities."
"Great place - Alexa checkouts! I would recommend."
"The way that the condo is set up is very easy to operate. Alexa is awesome. And yes, we will absolutely looking to book with you again at some point and would recommend you to others."
"All the amenities were wonderful. We greatly enjoyed the cabin. Alexa was very helpful!"
"The house was great. Love the kitchen. Alexa was great with the music playing and all the information. Hopefully we'll be staying in the same house in 3 months."
"We enjoyed our time. Beautiful cabin. Alexa was very helpful. We'll see you next year."

AIPEX VC Features & Benefits

An icon representing the reduction of operating expenses and saving money.

No custom hardware -- available on industry standard Amazon Echo devices
An icon representing Natural Language Understanding, or NLU.

Advanced Natural Language Understanding, supporting millions of possible guest interactions
An icon representing patents that have been awarded to AIPEX.

Patented voice content management provides flexibility and scale
An icon representing the protection of privacy.

Special provisions are in place to ensure privacy and data security

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