AIPEX Virtual Concierge Launches in Canada

January 5, 2023

AIPEX is excited to announce the launch of the Virtual Concierge solution for hotels and vacation rentals across Canada. This solution is a collaboration between AIPEX and the Amazon Alexa Smart Properties team. It is the only tool of its kind available to hosts, allowing them to add an AI-powered Guest Portal to their properties.

No custom hardware is required. Instead, hosts can use industry standard Amazon Echo devices together with AIPEX software. Advanced natural language understanding supports millions of possible guest interactions. At the same time, special provisions are in place to ensure guest’s privacy.

A key feature now available to hosts in Canada is in-property digital signage, where hosts can proactively display important information to guests in a rotating carousel of images, even when guests are not actively interacting with the device. With dozens of additional capabilities, the AIPEX Virtual Concierge sets a new bar in guest engagement. Guests regularly express  their appreciation for curated recommendations and the ability to check-out just using their voice.

The AIPEX Virtual Concierge solution is now available in the US, UK and Canada.
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