AIPEX Virtual Concierge Type 1
Available on Amazon Alexa outside the US, UK and Canada
AIPEX Virtual Concierge Type 2
Available on Amazon Alexa in the US, UK and Canada
What's Included
Type 1
Type 2
Amazon smart speaker integration
Web portal for content management
Proprietary content tagging for better voice recognition
Manage multiple properties under a single account
Built in versioning for your custom content, with the ability to rollback to a previous version
Chat with the Virtual Concierge directly from our Portal to test and optimize your content
Copy all custom content and configuration settings from one property to multiple others
Yelp integration
A learning system that handles questions when there isn't yet a host-provided answer
Automatic event listing
One-time custom host welcome message for new arrivals, with the option for delivery in your own voice
Hostfully guidebook integration
Extensive language support enabling guests to contact the Front Desk, Maintenance and Housekeeping departments
Support for pictures and video
Calendar integration with Airbnb, Google Calendars, VRBO, and various PMS systems
Automated reminders for guest check out
Automated custom welcome messages for guests, personalized with their name
Guests can check-in and check-out using their voice, with immediate host notifications when either occur
The easiest way ever for guests to leave a review of your property - using only their voice. An industry first!
Importing and exporting your custom content to a saved file
Analytics and insights via utilization reports
Respond to guest's questions with your own voice
Add special offers to recommended establishments, and have digital coupons delivered to guests
Choose from 11 different voice personas for the virtual concierge
Proactively tell guests important things to know, or your top recommendations for their trip
Cleaners can tell the Virtual Concierge when a property is done, and you will get an immediate notification
Ask Alexa questions directly, and get your custom answers back - no need to invoke the skill first
Centralized management and monitoring of all your Amazon Echo devices across all properties
Scale deployments without having to create individual Amazon accounts for each property
Online / Offline device status visibility
Hotel-grade Security and Privacy enhancements
Send custom notifications and announcements, in real-time or schedule in advance
Automated device resets based on guest departure
Digital Signage in your property focusing guests on things you want them to know about
A chatbot icon.