Adding a calendar to your property

The Virtual Concierge platform includes the ability to integrate with your property's reservation calendar. This allows you to provide custom welcome messages using your guest's name.
The universal standard for sharing calendars is called iCal. It is supported by software such as Google Calendar, VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, and Property Management Systems. Here are the steps to add your calendar:
  1. In the software tool where you maintain your "master" calendar, locate your iCal Calendar URL.
    For Google Calendars
    For VRBO or HomeAway Calendars
    For Airbnb Calendars
    For other calendars from PMS systems, follow the instructions provided by the vendor.
  2. In the VCS Portal, go to the new menu item on the left, Calendar.
  3. Paste the iCal link ending in .ics from step 1 above, and click on the Import Calendar button.
  4. To enable customized guest welcome messages:
    • The Calendar tab will be visible, showing your reservations. You should see your guest's name in your reservation events. If you don't, it is likely that you didn't add your master calendar, and the one you added is referring to the master (it may show "Blocked" or "Reserved" instead of the detail with the guest's name).
    • Click on the Integrations tab.
    • Slide the button to On (blue) by "Customized Guest Welcome".